Meet and Repeat

Make Up to 70 Professional Connections in Three Hours
Maximize the quantity and quality of your new professional connections with Meet and Repeat. At each three-hour Meet and Repeat event, you could meet up to 70 people—that's a new business contact every two and a half minutes!

You dont have to work the room. With rotations determined by an official algorithm, this structured introductions format puts you in front of numerous prospects and peers. Meet and Repeat is designed for small business owners, marketing managers, business development professionals, and sales people. Its limited to one person per company and six companies per industry, ensuring that youll learn about a variety of companies.

Build your professional database, become a better resource for your clients, and share best practices in an intimate, high-energy environment at Meet and Repeat. Register for our next event today!

Meet and Repeat is held May and November of each year. See our Calendar of Events to register.

Call 919.664.7034 or email Candice Coffey

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